Brippy Trix


As a visitor you are performer, spectator and work of art at the same time. Without you there is no art. Brippy Trix is an interactive audiovisual installation where you form a portal to a personal dimension through image and sound. The installation uses projection mapping and quadraphonic sound to bring an abstract object to life and provide an extraordinary sensory experience.


ZIN TUIG is an audiovisual duo, consisting of Bas Arkes and Deev Bennes. In 2020 they started a creative dialogue to explore where the artistic interests fit together. In April of that year, in collaboration with Ilya Kolosovs, they took part in the Warp Jam under the name Visic Musual, where the foundation was laid for the installation presented at the Museum of the Future.

From 2020 to 2021 they have been working on Synesthetic Synthesis in Warp's Holodeck, where they have created four abstract worlds inspired by nature through 360 degree projections and sound. The visitor could choose his own path with a game controller and had control over image and sound. This project served as Bas’ graduation project at AKI Artez Enschede, and the installation was shown for four days at Gogbot 2021, as part of the Youngblood Awards. In their work they strive to create a world in which you tell and experience your own story.